Ramen by Uzu

Chef Hiro Mitsui was born in Nagoya City, Japan, and moved to Osaka when he was 21. Osaka is the home of okonomiyaki, and he learned how to cook Japanese comfort food from his mom. In 2011 Hiro moved to the US to play basketball in the EBA league. After two seasons of his semi-pro career, he injured his knee. He started working at Aoi as a line cook, and then at Toki Underground in Washington, DC, followed by Maketto and others, before starting Uzu. Uzu means ‘vortex’ in Japanese. Uzu gives Chef Hiro an outlet to show people his version of the Japanese comfort food he grew up eating.


Red Velvet Cupcakery

Our first Red Velvet opened in Washington DC’s Penn Quarter in December 2008. // Our staff, led by ten year Gordon Restaurant Group veteran and Executive Pastry Chef Kristen Brabrook, consists of trained bakers who infuse their artistry to each cupcake. We believe in raising the standard by which people judge the quality of their food- in particular, cupcakes. Because of this conviction, we use only the highest quality ingredients available on the world stage and believe in supporting the community that has supported us. We use local dairy and other ingredients that are harvested from local area farms as much as possible. We believe that cupcakes are to be enjoyed at all ages and – more than anything else – are meant to be fun and flavorful!


Kitchen + Bar

Created by Chef Kristen Brabrook, DC Deck Pizza’s light and airy crust is baked in a deck oven until golden brown and delicious, then brushed with infused olive oil, and covered in a bright tomato sauce and a delicious blend of cheese. We are excited to finally give DC its own true style that it has long deserved! Our menu is rounded out with our Detroit style pizza made famous by Red Light along with comforting takes on American bistro classics for the whole family.



Mornings start early at Social Beast – Chef Kristen Brabrook’s love of eggs is showcased in a variety of comforting and innovative egg-focused sandwiches on house-made brioche buns or cheddar chive biscuits. We are proud partners with Vigilante Coffee, where each small roasted batch of coffee is brewed with love to perfection.



From locally sourced beers, premiere Italian wines, and hand-crafted cocktails using the freshest juices and herbs, we have something for every palette. Our menu has been carefully curated to perfectly pair with our extensive menu. Everything from Tex-Mex to pizza deserves a magically-matched beverage!